Global School for Entrepreneurship Amsterdam

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Global School for Entrepreneurship Amsterdam

Global School for Entrepreneurship is an accredited private University of Applied Science in the heart of Amsterdam.

Ask any entrepreneur if they had to learn their entrepreneurial straits after they graduated and unfortunately they will say: yes. 

This is the problem GS4E is solving. Founders, Hendrik Halbe, Timo Timmerman and Thomas Blekman, together have :

- extensive experience in Higher Education, 
- entrepreneurial backgrounds themselves,
- have worked with over 25.000 startups. 

Global School for Entrepreneurship is disrupting entrepreneurship education with their unique approach to education leading to a BSc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
The students are offered an incubator programme to maximize their personal growth. During the incubator programme a broad range of training and activities are offered on all four levels of being: Fysical, Emotional, Mental as well as Spiritual. High end student accommodation is offered via The Student Hotel partnership.

Global School for Entrepreneurship is created for entrepreneurial students who want to:
• Create and grow their own startup and get their BSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
• Learn in small groups, in compact five-week blocks.
• Live and study in Europe's hottest cities.
• Learn value creation traits from actual entrepreneurs.

The best way to learn to be an entrepreneur, is to be one. 

Tuition fee is €13.500,- annually.