Tokyo International University

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Tokyo International University

Tokyo International University (TIU) is a leading global university in Japan. Studying together in close proximity, our students from almost 70 different countries not only learn to communicate effectively through national and cultural boundaries, but also form valuable networks spanning the world. Staying consistently true to its educational philosophy of “nurturing truly international-minded people”, TIU continues to make great strides in creating a truly internationalized learning environment in the heart of Japan.

Through the English Track Program (E-Track Program), students can earn a four-year bachelor’s degree taught by a diverse international faculty in English. Majors in Business Economics (BA), Digital Business and Innovation (BS) and International Relations (BA) each come with a wide range of study topics and an international outlook. During the first year, you will acquire a solid foundation in liberal arts as well as a basic proficiency in Japanese as part of the curriculum. From the second year onwards, you can freely choose from different major courses based on your personal interests. Moreover, you can pick courses from other majors as electives, adding an interdisciplinary level to your studies.

A focus on active learning means you have plenty of opportunities to interact with your peers and professors in class. In addition, many internship opportunities are available to TIU students, which will teach the practical skills needed to succeed in each field. Boasting a job placement rate of over 94% before graduation, TIU’s well-staffed Career Development Office on campus provides rigorous career guidance for students looking for job opportunities in Japan.

Tokyo is a unique blend of ultramodern and tradition, offering something new and exciting for everyone. Its metropolitan area is the world’s largest by population and economy. Despite its size, it has earned the reputation of being the world’s cleanest and safest city. Served by one of the world's best public transportation systems, it is both easy and inexpensive to get around. TIU is located in Kawagoe, a Tokyo suburb that provides students with a quiet, healthy atmosphere to study in, as well as a significantly lower cost of living. At the same time, the university’s location offers direct access to the city center, via a quick 30~ minute train ride.

Why choose TIU?

1. A truly international environment

Join a diverse community of international students and gain global exposure.

2. Active learning focus

Gain new insights from your professors and peers through in-class interaction.

3. Flexible curriculum

Choose from a wide range of courses and create your own curriculum.

4. Learn Japanese

Develop and polish a proficiency in Japanese.

5. Generous scholarships

Apply for a merit based tuition waiver ranging from 30% to 100%.