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Duizenden buitenlandgangers

Over +1000 students

Borders are slowly fading and because of that studying, volunteer work, or taking a language course or gap year abroad is becoming easier and easier. Additionally, research shows employers increasingly value international experience. Going abroad benefits students in regard to self-sufficiency and sense of responsibility, and encourages them build a stronger and more international network which will help them get hired.

Duizenden buitenlandgangers

The widest selection

Despite the benefits, many young people are still afraid to take a big step and stay abroad for a longer period of time. That is why it is important to inform students and their parents about all the available possibilities in regard to going abroad. A logical first step is visiting The Go-Abroad Fair with the widest selection of options in the Netherlands in regard to studies, internships, volunteer work, high school years and language course abroad.

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Do you want to reach young students and their parents or counselors and inform them about all the go-abroad possibilities you have to offer? The Go-Abroad Fair is the perfect opportunity for your organisation or institution to exhibit and present yourself directly to your target group and provides a great opportunity for you and the students to meet and learn about each other.

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