Ferrandi Paris


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Ferrandi Paris

FERRANDI Paris, France's leading school of culinary arts and hospitality management, offers high-level professional training in cuisine, pastry, bread baking, restaurant service and management, F&B and hospitality.  With almost 100 years of existence, FERRANDI Paris has trained generations of France's top culinary and hospitality professionals. 

FERRANDI Paris offers certificate and degree programs (Bachelor and Master) as well as short courses for prfessionals.  

Our programs in English include :

Intensive Professional Programs in French Cuisine or French Pastry (5 months of hands-on training followed by an optional internship) / Intensive Professional Program in French Bread Baking (10 weeks of hands-on training followed by an optional internship

The Intensive Professional Programs provide a solid foundation of professional skills for individuals with a desire to lauch a culinary career or business.

Training Weeks : 3 to 5 day courses for culinary professionals

Degree programs in French

Bachelor Arts Culinaires et Entrepreneuriat (Cuisine or Pâtisserie)

Bachelor F&B et Hospitality Management

Master of Science in Hospitality Management